We have collected the most frequently asked questions that guests who come to the Tourinform Miskolc office ask us.


What should you to see in the city? What are the main sights of Miskolc?

In Miskolc, it is almost obligatory to try the Miskolctapolca Cave Bath ****, take a Forest train to Lillafüred, where it is worth walking to the hanging garden, or roaming the two caves built for visitors.

The larger museums of Miskolc in the city center are definitely not to be missed. You should visit the Pannon- Sea Museum on Görgey Artúr street, the Rákóczi House of the Miskolc Gallery and the unique Hungarian Orthodox Museum and the Greek Orthodox Church. The Thalia House of the Acting Museum awaits theater fans with open gates.

There is an application for presenting the sights of Miskolc. This is GUIDE @ HAND Miskolc, which can be downloaded to your smartphone. With its 1-2 hours of enjoyable walks, you can explore the city on your own, and you can get from one point to another with voice during the walk.

How can I get to Miskolctapolca and Lillafüred from the city center the easiest way?

Miskolctapolca can be reached by public transport by bus 20. By car towards road 3, turn from Soltész Nagy Kálmán utca to Miskolctapolca road and pass through it. 

Lillafüred can be reached by small train from the Dorottya utca stop or by public transport, taking bus 5 and 15. Buses 5 and 15 departure at Felső-Majláth terminus of tram 1. You should get off the bus at the Palotaszálló stop.

What free sights to see in Miskolc?

There are many opportunities in Miskolc to explore interesting buildings and landscapes. The city center has several main squares, such as Szent István Square, Erzsébet Square, Szinva terrace, Heroes’ Square and Népkert (People’s garden).

If you would like to look down on Miskolc from a height, we recommend that you take a walk to the Avas lookout tower, from where you can enjoy the panorama of the city. Wander the walkways leading to the lookout to see the city’s historic cellar rows.

 The Avas Reformed Church stands at the foot of Avas Hill, which offers an impressive view from Elizabeth Square. It can be viewed from the inside by prior arrangement and donation. The Avasi Arboretum can be visited without a ticket by prior arrangement.

In Miskolctapolca there is a beautiful park system surrounding the boating lake. Walking along the Pazár promenade, you can also see the ruins of the Benedictine abbey. Admission to Avalon Park is also free, of course you have to pay for the services.

 In Lillafüred, the entire hanging garden is open to visitors, just as the waterfall is free and it’s not an everyday attraction. Here you can wander the winding stone paths for at least an hour. On the Lillafüred educational trail, it is also worth visiting sacred monuments: the Lourdes Cave and the Limpian Cross. The Fazola forge  in Újmassa is about ten minutes away by small train from Lillafüred. 

Close to Miskolc you can discover many interesting excursion places due to the city's proximity to the Bükk Plateau. Several caves close to the city are open to anyone. Such is the Szeleta Cave or the Goat Hole Cave. A short hiking trail leads to both.

Where can I get a map of the city?

You can buy the Miskolc city map and the Bükk map at the Tourinform Miskolc office. Simplified versions of these maps can also be found in our office as a free tourist publication.

 By downloading the GUIDE @ HAND Miskolc application, you can also get an offline interactive map of Miskolc, which you can use on your smartphone without the Internet.

Where can I buy a "miskolc" souvenir for my relatives and friends? 

You can find a wide range of souvenirs presenting the city and its surroundings in the Miskolc Shop at 16. Széchenyi Street. Among the products of the store, you can buy a Miskolc fridge magnet, a postcard, a mug, a T-shirt, local drinks, wines, herbal preparations and books.

Interested in city programs, where can I get information on this?

 You can find information about the calendar online at hellomiskolc.en. You can get information about the programs personally at the Tourinform Miskolc office.

Where can I eat in a Hungarian restaurant in Miskolc?

 Hungarian dishes are served in the following restaurants in Miskolc without the need for completeness: Calypso Restaurant, Kemvés Kisv Vendéglő, Aranykorona Historical Restaurant, Kispipa Halászcsárda. For a local specialty, it is worth going out to the fish roastery of the Lillafüred Trout Farm .

Where can I camp in the city or nearby?

There is no campsite in the city alone. The nearest settlements are available for camping in Szentlélek, Bükkszentkereszt (Hollóstető) and Répáshuta.

Is Tourinform open on weekends?

The downtown office is open on Saturdays from 8:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. In high season, we also operate an information point at the Lillafüred Ecotourism Center, which is open on both days of the weekend.

Where is the luggage storage in Miskolc?

At the Miskolc Tisza Railway Station, a luggage storage room is open every day from 3:00 am to 11:00 pm for individual travelers. Unfortunately, it is not possible to leave packages for larger groups here.

Where can I rent a bike in Miskolc?

Bicycles can be rented at the Avalon Park in Miskolctapolca, the Sports and Adventure Park in Lillafüred and the Tourist Park in Szentlélek near Miskolc.

How's the small train going, how can I find out? 

The year-round small train leaves from Dorottya Street Station. Its terminus is in Garadna, there is a larger stop at Lillafüred. On pre-announced occasions, a vehicle also runs on the Mahóca wing of the light railway. You can find out about the forest rail schedule personally or by phone on the LÁÉV website, at the ticket offices and in our Tourinform office.

Where can I exchange money in Miskolc?

 You can exchange money at Exclusive Change's offices in Miskolc. One of them can be found in Miskolc Plaza, Szinvapark, Avas and Szentpéteri gates in Tesco. In the city center, it is also possible to exchange currency in the IBUSZ office.

Where can I buy bus tickets, day tickets, season tickets in the city? 

Bus tickets and day tickets can be purchased at MVK ticket offices, the Tourinform office and several National Tobacco Shops, as well as online (e-ticket) on the website of MVK Zrt. There are also ticket machines at busy stops.

How is the cheapest public transport for me as a tourist? 

It depends on how long you stay and what you want to see. As a tourist, you can exchange one-, three- or seven-days tourist tickets as well as weekend family tickets. If you want to see the most interesting sights of Miskolc with free public transport and a single entrance card, the Miskolc Pass has been invented for you, which you can use Miskolc's public transport for free and visit once for free e.g. the three large spas, some sights, museums, or a guaranteed sightseeing tour.

How do I get to the Cave Bath?Is it far from downtown?

 The Miskolctapolca Cave Bath **** can be reached by public transport from the city center in about twenty minutes by bus number 20. The bus stop is just a few minutes' walk from the entrance to the Cave Bath.

Is there a night swim in Miskolctapolca?

All indoor pools are open announced dates from 20:00 to 00:00 in the Miskolctapolca Cave Bath and the Ellipsum Adventure Bath, and the outdoor pools are also open during the summer season. The services of the Cave Bath Aqua Therapy are not available in this case.

How do I get to Avalon Park?

 Avalon Park can be easily reached by car along Miskolctapolca along Iglói út. From spring to autumn, the Dottó electric train will start from the large car park in Miskolctapolca. The trains run according to the schedule on the Avalonpark website.

Where can I buy a family ticket? How can I get to museums, the zoo, the castle in the cheapest way with family?

 Children's and family tickets are available at most of Miskolc's attractions. It is worth writing down in advance which sights you would see with the little ones, because depending on this, the cost of the holiday may be even cheaper if you buy a Miskolc Pass tourist card online for yourself and your child. The Miskolc Pass card can be purchased online not only for adults, but also for children, with which you can see the main sights of the city for free.

Where can I buy tickets for certain concerts in advance?

In any case, it is worth reading on the concert's website or flyer where you can buy tickets for the event. One of the largest concert ticket sales offices in Miskolc is the Ticket Office of the House of Arts, located at Rákóczi Street 2, (right on the ground floor of the Rákóczi House of the Miskolc Gallery.) You can also buy tickets online for most programs.

When and where is the antiques fair held in Miskolc?

 It is held on the first Sunday of each month on the pedestrian street.