Avas Look-out Tower

Avas Look-out Tower was built in 1963 by the plans of Miklós Hófer and György Vörös. It is one of the best-known symbols of Miskolc. Close to the nowadays place of the tower there used to be other towers made of wood in the past, such as Rákóczi Observation Tower.

The first observation tower on the Avas used to be a fire and it was started to build by the Bükk Association of Borsod in 1901. In 1906 there was just a temporary tower, so the construction was finished in 1934 by the plans of Bálint Szeghalmy the city' s senior engineer. The tower suffered serious damages in 1943, but these were corrigible, but in the winter of 1956 the whole building was burnt down and only its spiral staircase survived.

Nowadays Avas Observation Tower was conveyed in 1963 and since that only a few reconstructions had been, the last one in 2010. 

The 72 m high TV tower waits for the visitors with more  than 180 degrees of view to Miskolc. A frightening fact about the tower is that its maximal deflection is 45 cm.