Terrace gardens in Lillafüred

Palace Hotel was built between 1927 and 1930, according to the plans designed by Kálmán Lux. The hillside below the hotel was designed as a reinforcement of hanging gardens. The terraced walkway system leads to the entrance of Anna Cave, which is a sinter cave. The history of the large-scale construction works is duly reflected in the reports from the period:

‘…Hotel Palace is one of the most stunning pieces of Hungarian architectural art. A whole hillside was transformed into a palace with terraces, bastions and walls, while an entire hillside was made even with the ground to create a due setting for parks and alleys. The Szinva stream was redirected to a newly channelled bed in order to create an even more breathtaking and precipitous waterfall...’

The ‘thematic’ walkway in the hanging gardens joins the Szinva educational trail, and enriches it with its nine stations. The stations are connected to poetry, poets, natural scientists and love, while the natural and artificial elements of the environment are also duly highlighted. The Waterfall, the Anna Cave, the Garadna Cave, the Statue of Attila József, the quotation from the poem ‘Ode’ carved into a stone and the view of the Palace Hotel are all perfectly suitable for being the first links in the chain of attractions that line the thematic walkway.

  • The Terrace of Youth and Meetings – A largest entire reception area of the Terraced Garden that offers entertainment for visitors and a playground for children
  • The Terrace of the Waterfall – An upper terrace that offers direct and close views of the Szinva Waterfall with its water falling from the height of twenty meters
  • The Terrace of Flowers – A garden that offers a colourful cavalcade of flowers from spring to autumn
  • The terrace of Music – A scene for chamber concerts and solo musicians with a stage and auditorium
  • The Terrace of Poetry – The poem ‘Ode’ by Attila József was inspired by his time spent in Lillafüred. It is commemorated with the statue of the poet and some lines from his poem, carved into stone.  The statue and its setting provide venue for events that are connected to literature and poetry.
  • The Terrace of Sculpture – It is an exhibition area for statues and art works.
  • Anna Lookout – a lookout terrace over the Anna sinter Cave, at the feet of the Szinva Waterfall.

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