Deak Ferenc Square

In the city centre at the crossroads of Palóczi L. and Batthiány street is located the Deak Square.

The Forester Palace

One of the most determining building of the square is the Forester Palace, designed by Sándor Papp in 1892. The construction with it’s renaissance motifs has a special atmosphere and it’s an outstanding piece of art in the centre of Miskolc.


Orthodox Church

One of the most significant listed building in Miskolc is the Greek Orthodox Church at the Square Deak, which was constructed between 1785 and 1806. In the church can be seen the greatest iconostasis of Cental Eurpe which presents different scenes from the life of Jesus over 88 photos.  


The permanent exhibition of Gyula Feledy can se viewed at the listed building on the Deak Square. Feledy has been one of the most significant figure of the arts since 1953.


The monuments of Deak Square

On the square standing two statue and one of them represents the figure of Ferenc Deak who was an outstanding politician and jurist of his age. The statue was designed by Aladar Gardos.

On the same square can be found the full-length statue of Joseph Levay, the hungarian writer and poet. He was a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and many momentum of his life connected to the city of Miskolc. The statue was designed by Dezső Bindász Borsodi.