Chairlifts park in Lillafüred

If you have Miskolc Pass tourist card you can get 10% discount from the full price ticket.
The chairlifts starts the route from 333 meters level high above the sea and ends at 606 meters high. The travelling time takes 11-12 minutes. At the end station there is an educational trail called "Oxigén". On this trail the visitors can take a short 7 km long trip. If you want to do some more exciting activities, you can take a roll amoung the hills on the "Scooter path".
Ticket prices to the "Chairlifts"
One way ticket/adult: 1 600 HUF
Return ticket/adult: 1 900 HUF
One way ticket/child, student: 1 400 HUF
Return ticket/child, student: 1 700 HUF
One way ticket/group(above 15 person): 1 300 HUF
Return ticket/group(above 15 person): 1 600 HUF
Bike lifting: 500 HUF
Opening Hours


10:00 - 17:00