Ottó Herman Museum Exhibition Building (Street Papszer)


3530 Miskolc, Papszer 1.

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The Exhibition Building of the Ottó Herman Museum is located at the feet of the Avas hill and on the banks of the, nowadays already covered, Szinva Creek, and inside the oldest, non-ecclesiastical building of the town. The (school)building originating back to the 15th century has been a museum for more than hundred years: the Museum of Borsod-Miskolc, predecessor of the Ottó Herman Museum, was opened here in 1899. The centuries old building called “Papszer” is an exhibition site that has several exhibition spaces where the private collection of Zoltán Dömötör and a permanent exhibition about the history of photography may be visited. Collection of beautiful, elaborate cameras for almost 30 years has formed this very impressive and complex photography historic material. Another exhibition of the museum is the Endre Szász collection, “World of the artist 1969—1990”. 

The new urban history exhibition “A nobleman of Miskolc in national politics — Career and peers of Bertalan Szemere” was opened in the beginning of May 2013.