Halloween night in the Miskolc Zoo


2019 okt


Event location:
Miskolc Zoo and Cultural Park - 3510Miskolc, Csanyik-völgy, Majális park
Telefon: +36 46 332 121

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Miskolc zoo welcomes you to the first Halloween night in the zoo. We can take a walk in the zoo lighten by the jack-o'-lanterns, get in thouch with the "don't like" animals, we can see how zoo attendants feeds the animals, and get information about them.If you are concerned about your courage, you can test your skills in a game. 

The program is being held between 17 pm and 20 pm. You can buy your tickets until 18:30 (adult 1200 HUF, children 900 HUF). 

Date: 26. october 2013.

Location: Miskolci Állatkert és Kultúrpark (Miskolc Zoo), Miskolc Csanyik-völgy